Our vehicular transmission device "RADIOTRANS" is an auxiliary device able to move in both directions, any type of industrial vehicle at full load and with the engine switched off.

Radiotrans is a group of towing at mechanical hydraulic transmission radio-controlled. It is applied in a stable way on the differential group laterally to the transmission shaft on which is mounted a toothed crown.

When the vehicle is turned off, Radiotrans provides that a remote control is used for the pneumatic graft of a traction pinion on the crown gear. When the graft is performed, after unlocking the vehicle with the same remote control, there is the rotation of the transmission shaft and the consequent movement of the vehicle, in the two directions of travel.

The disengagement of the device Radiotrans is obtained with the appropriate radio control, or done automatically with the ignition of the vehicle.

Radiotrans has been conceived and designed mainly to facilitate the operations of loading and unloading, to avoid contamination of the work points in closed environments, and to facilitate some operations and avoid significant inconvenience.

It has proved itself useful, if not essential in some applications that previously had not found some good solutions.


  • Load of materials on tanks / containers divided into multiple cells, and filling holes of small size;
  • Easy and quick displacements in the loading and unloading;
  • Snapping of trailers, semi-trailers and approach maneuvers;
  • Mounting of chains on vehicles;
  • Movements within closed structures with the engine off.


  • It is possible to have variable speeds (Optional)
  • It is possible to transfer the transmission device from one vehicle to another one,easily and at lower cost.
  • It can also be modified to adapt to special vehicles.
  • It does not require any special maintenance.
  • The functioning is also possible while maintaining the vehicle switched on, by adopting special security systems.


  • Speed: approx. 33 ft / min
  • Max torque: 600 Nm (442 lb-ft)
  • Max Power: 3 HP (2.2 W)
  • Electric motor power 3.4 HP (2.5 W).
  • Power supply: 24 V.c.c.
  • Overall weight 75 Kg (165 lb)


According to the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure the device RADIOTRANS does not require :

  • to be noted on the vehicle registration.
  • to be submitted to visits and tests.
  • to be homologated on the vehicle.

On request, it is possible to have a copy of the written ministerial statement.