The construction of tanks and vehicles for the transportation and unloading of powdery materials, feed and grains.

It is indicated for the discharge of products such as pellets of wood and pulps of various sizes


  1. The tank is divided into multiple cells, and each cell is hermetically sealed and independent from the other cells. You can load various types of products without any danger of contamination.
  2. It is possible to have a cleaning system able to make "self-cleaning" the base of the cistern. (Optional)
  3. A "Launch" of air is used on the roof of the tank for the internal cleaning of the cells. (Optional)
  4. The closing system of the cells can be manual or pneumatic (Optional), the covers can close an individual cell or multiple cells.
  5. A derrickingarm with swivel to unload the product in any position.
  6. The length of the derrickingtube is customizable.
  7. The structure of the tank is all aluminum Peraluman Pe 5083 H111, solid and light..
  8. Hydraulic transmission system, is simple to use and allows to have a good discharge speed. The commands of augers can be manual or with remote control (Optional). With the use of the remote control it is possible to connect the exhaust system to some pressure switches of control that are capable of interrupting the transmission in case of clogging or the presence of foreign bodies.
  9. All movements of the derricking arm can be manual or with remote control (Optional)
  10. Each tank is fitted with drain to the ground on the rear side Sx (left), or both sides (Optional)
  11. Telescopic exhaust terminal (Stroke = 1000 mm = 40 in, Stroke = 1300 mm = 51 in). It is one of our patents and allows you to extend the derricking tube so you can reach even the highest silos input.
  12. The hydraulic transmission system can be connected to a power-take-off (PTO) on the gearshift of the vehicle (Trucks), or to a Auxiliary Engine (Trailer, S / trailer).
  13. You can apply on a tank a Recovery auger, that allows to load the product to be recovered inside the cells. (Optional)
  14. You can apply an exhaust Pneumatic system on the tank, able to unload the product inside of a silo by using the air (as is the case for the pressure tanks). In this way with the tank you can have the dual exhaust system, by auger or pneumatic. (Optional)
  15. Weighing system to be applied on the vehicle or on the tank. You can detect in real time the quantity of product loaded and during unloading, the amount of product that is being discharged.
  16. Possibility to have the roof of the tank opening with full grid in order to facilitate the loading port means provided with bucket. The cover will still be provided by a tarpaulin cover / Discover adequate. Very interesting to use the tanker and as a means for loading the raw materials, both as a means for unloading the feed in breeding.